Agriturismo Musto
in the Cilento National Park

Our restaurant


The food of Musto Farm-holidays is very rich, but varied and genuine, observing rigorously the Mediterranean diet and inspiring the principle Eat Well and Stay Well: American nutritionist Ancel Keys’ lesson, who lived a lot of years in Cilento to study the healthy diet of population.
The preparation of dishes is studied and fanciful and it implies only natural ingredients deriving from organic farming and breeding.
Musto Family cultivates with devotion the fields around their farm-holidays and they breed on their own poultry, rabbits, pigs and goats. Pasta is home-made as some years ago; bread and biscuits make their crust golden in a wood oven, while cheeses are made of milk just collected.
The ‘casket of tastes’ contains, moreover, pure olive oil, cereals, vegetables, pulses, cured pork meats, valuable meats, fruits, honey, jams and home-made cakes and a precious selection of wines from Cilento: red, white and rosé appreciated since the old times and fit to exalt every dish. To enjoy really the historical-natural context, Musto farm-holidays offers his guests a wide variety of farm events, as collection of olives and grape harvest that take place in a cheerful student atmosphere.
In the nature around the farm-holidays there are places for relax and fitness; Healthy archaeological and trekking routes, with several places to stop and enjoy the freshness under oaks and olive trees and to stay listening to birds’ voice. Who likes staying on open-air, can rent bikes and book trips on horse and to know better Cilentana Coast, a convention with sea transports lets exciting trips until Palinuro Cape.